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South Dakota 1/20th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (50)

South Dakota 1/20th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (50)

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Introducing the groundbreaking Goldback: the pioneering currency crafted from exquisite, small-denomination physical gold.

With the historic passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011, gold regained its esteemed status as a recognized form of currency, heralding a new era of financial recognition.

Leveraging cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring unmatched durability and resilience for everyday transactions.

South Dakota proudly joins the illustrious roster of states commemorated on Goldback bills, standing as a steadfast advocate for the restoration of honest money.

About the Design - Libertas

The crowning Virtue of the South Dakota series, Libertas, graces the 50 Goldback Denomination with her presence. Inspired by the iconic Lady Freedom statue in Washington D.C., Libertas stands poised with a drawn sword and raised shield, symbolizing her unwavering commitment to defend her principles.

Emblazoned with the South Dakota flag's sun, her shield bears the state motto "Under God the People Rule." Her helmet, shield, and sword draw inspiration from symbols associated with the Roman goddesses Minerva and Bellona, epitomizing strength and resilience.

At her feet lies the skull of an American bison adorned with the Lakota Sioux Medicine Wheel, symbolizing hope and healing for all native peoples of South Dakota. A cluster of freesia flowers, representing peace, friendship, and innocence, adds a touch of serenity to the scene.

Below Libertas, a depiction of a person fishing for walleye—the state fish—captures the essence of South Dakota's natural beauty. The backdrop of Palisades State Park and the iconic landmarks of the South Dakota State Capitol and Mount Rushmore further embellish this captivating design.

As always, Libertas inspires us with the resounding call to "Stand Fast in Liberty," reminding us to uphold our freedoms and principles with unwavering resolve.

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