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New Hampshire 1/20th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (50)

New Hampshire 1/20th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (50)

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Introducing the revolutionary Goldback: the world's premier voluntary currency, meticulously crafted from pure, spendable gold in small, exquisite denominations.

With the landmark passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011, the state ushered in a new era by officially recognizing certain gold forms as legal tender, reaffirming gold's status as a timeless medium of exchange.

Since then, groundbreaking advancements in technology have transformed the process of minting physical gold into a practical, everyday currency. Employing state-of-the-art vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, encased within durable polyester for resilience and longevity.

This series marks a historic milestone with its pioneering border design change, enhancing clarity and functionality for users. By relocating the denomination to the bottom border and introducing a smaller notation in the bottom right corner, these designs set a new standard for currency clarity, poised to revolutionize the industry.

About the Design - Libertas

Once again, Libertas, or Liberty, graces the New Hampshire 50 Goldback Denomination Design, standing as an enduring symbol of freedom and unity.

Amidst the majestic backdrop of White Mountain National Forest, Libertas proudly bears the three elements of New Hampshire's original seal: a bundle of five arrows symbolizing the state's original counties, fish representing a vital source of commerce, and the iconic eastern white pine tree, synonymous with the colony's maritime heritage.

Emblazoned on her dress is the motto "Vis Unitas Fortior" - "A United Force is Stronger" - a testament to the power of unity in upholding liberty's principles.

Adorned with traditional symbols of freedom, including a torch medallion and laurel wreath necklace, Libertas stands as a beacon of hope and resilience.

Beneath her, the caption "Stand Fast in Liberty" serves as a rallying cry for steadfastness in the face of adversity, while a family of whitetail deer symbolizes unity and the passing of liberty's ideals from one generation to the next.

In a poignant nod to history, Libertas wields a pine switch, standing atop a fallen pine marked by King George's decree, recalling the defiant spirit of the Pine Tree Riots of 1732-1734, a pivotal moment in the colonial rebellion.

Experience the spirit of liberty and unity embodied by Libertas with Goldbacks, where each bill is a testament to the enduring legacy of freedom and resilience.

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