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Utah 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

Utah 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

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Introducing the Goldback, a groundbreaking currency that redefines the concept of money by being the world’s first voluntary currency crafted from exquisite, spendable, small denomination, physical gold.

In 2011, with the passing of the Utah Legal Tender Act, a significant milestone was achieved as the state became the first in recent times to officially recognize certain forms of gold as legal tender, reinstating gold's status as a legitimate form of currency.

Since then, advancements in technology have propelled the evolution of physical gold into a practical and reliable form for everyday transactions. Through cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring precise quantities of pure gold encased within layers of polyester, ensuring unparalleled resilience and durability.

The Utah Goldback Series stands as a testament to this innovation, serving as the first-ever Goldback Series. Illustrated by Cheri Jensen, a local Utah artist renowned for her intricate work, despite being blind in one eye, the series intricately depicts Utah's journey through history, from its pre-settlement era to its settlement and beyond, culminating in an aspirational representation of a transcendent future.

At the heart of the Utah Goldback Series lies the virtue of Veritas, or Truth, portrayed as a Utah pioneer, paying homage to the courageous journey of the state's first settlers to Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

With windblown hair and holding a lantern high, Veritas symbolizes the light of truth guiding individuals through life's uncertainties. Accompanied by the motto "Walk in Truth," she carries a compass in her apron pocket, pointing westward to symbolize the direction of the Utah settlers' migration and the moral compass of truth.

In her hands, she holds two books representing written truths, with titles referencing the Bible and the Book of Mormon, highlighting the role of faith in guiding the pioneers towards religious freedom in Utah.

Standing near a pool fed by a waterfall, Veritas embodies the essential nature of truth, as vital as fresh water, while a deer drinks from the pool, symbolizing truth as a messenger. The Roman symbol of the fish in the stream represents truth's presence flowing throughout life.

Above, an eagle soars in the dusky sky, symbolizing the freedoms that allow truth to flourish, while the North Star shines brightly, representing truth's unwavering presence.

Barefoot and resolute, Veritas exemplifies the sometimes challenging path of truth, yet the journey's difficulty only serves to enrich the destination.

Experience the power of truth and the enduring value of gold with Goldbacks – where integrity, resilience, and prosperity converge to shape the future of currency.

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