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South Dakota 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

South Dakota 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

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Introducing the revolutionary Goldback: the world's premier voluntary currency crafted from exquisite, spendable, small-denomination physical gold.

With the landmark passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011, gold reclaimed its rightful place as an official form of currency, signaling a pivotal moment in financial history.

Since then, advancements in technology have enabled the meticulous minting of physical gold into a practical form for everyday transactions. Utilizing state-of-the-art vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring unparalleled durability and resilience.

South Dakota proudly joins the esteemed lineup of states commemorated on Goldback bills, standing as a testament to the nationwide effort to restore integrity to currency.

About the Design - Industria

Making her debut appearance on a Goldback Design, Industria, representing Industry, takes center stage on the South Dakota 1 Goldback Denomination.

Adorned in a sundress and surrounded by the bountiful fields of a farm, Industria embodies the spirit of hard work and perseverance. With a basket brimming with corn and a warm smile adorning her face, she traverses the fertile land with grace and determination.

Inspiring others through her industrious spirit, Industria beckons all to "Abound in Good Works," as inscribed on the bill. Her joy in the labor of her hands serves as a poignant reminder of the rewards of diligent effort.

This denomination pays homage to the rich history of South Dakota's early settlers and homesteaders, who, amidst adversity, cultivated the land to yield abundant harvests. Today, South Dakota stands as a leading producer of agricultural staples, testament to the enduring legacy of hard work and dedication.

The depiction of sunflowers and honey carries profound symbolism, representing the fruits of labor and the rewards of perseverance. Sunflowers, with their unwavering gaze toward the sun, inspire us to seek light and truth, while honey serves as a timeless symbol of collaboration and the American dream.

As South Dakota's state insect, the honey bee symbolizes the tireless work ethic that sustains life and fosters prosperity. This denomination serves as a rallying cry for all to emulate the spirit of industry embodied by the honey bee, ensuring a bountiful harvest for generations to come.

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