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Nevada 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

Nevada 1/200th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (5)

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Introducing Sophia, the embodiment of Wisdom, featured on the revolutionary Goldback – the world's premier voluntary currency crafted from exquisite, spendable, small denomination, physical gold.

In 2011, the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act marked a monumental shift, as certain gold forms gained recognition as legal tender, reaffirming gold's stature as an official form of currency.

Since then, advancements in technology have facilitated the transformation of physical gold into a practical means of exchange for everyday transactions. Utilizing state-of-the-art vacuum deposition techniques, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring precise quantities of pure gold encased within resilient polyester, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Adorning each bill is the captivating image of Sophia, the Virtue of Wisdom, depicted here as the Greek goddess Athena, embodying divine inspiration and progress.

Sophia stands amidst a tapestry of Nevada-specific symbols and landmarks, representing the state's rich heritage and commitment to knowledge. From iconic university buildings to symbols of innovation like the Hoover Dam hard helmet, each element symbolizes the state's pursuit of wisdom and advancement.

Clad in battle attire, Sophia brandishes her shield and spear, embodying strength and resilience. The presence of the owl, a symbol of wisdom, further underscores her role as a beacon of enlightenment.

Notably, an open scroll bearing words from the 15th Amendment signifies Nevada's historic commitment to equality and justice, showcasing the state's pioneering spirit.

Each Nevada Goldback Design features Sophia standing proudly atop a pillar inscribed with the state motto, "All for Our Country," alongside symbols of Nevada's natural beauty and heritage, including the Mountain Bluebird and the White Pine.

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation with Goldbacks, where Sophia reigns supreme as a symbol of wisdom, progress, and prosperity.

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