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Nevada 1/40th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (25)

Nevada 1/40th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (25)

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Introducing the Goldback, the trailblazing currency that reshapes the very definition of money by being the world’s first voluntary currency crafted from exquisite, spendable, small denomination, physical gold.

In 2011, with the passing of the Utah Legal Tender Act, a monumental shift occurred as certain forms of gold gained official recognition as legal tender, reinstating gold's status as a legitimate form of currency.

Since then, advancements in technology have revolutionized the process of minting physical gold into a practical form for everyday transactions. Through cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring precise quantities of pure gold encased within layers of polyester, providing unparalleled resilience and durability.

Adorning each bill is the captivating image of Fortitudine, the embodiment of Fortitude, standing as the epitome of strength and resilience.

Goldbacks aren't just currency; they're a symbol of value recognized by anyone who appreciates the timeless worth of gold.

Fortitudine, making her debut in the Nevada Goldback Series, draws inspiration from Nike, the Greek winged goddess of Victory. With a laurel wreath upon her head symbolizing glory and a palm leaf in her hand representing triumph, Fortitudine embodies victory and endurance.

Depicted against the backdrop of the majestic Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Fortitudine stands tall, surrounded by symbols of Nevada's resilience and spirit. From the blooming sagebrush to the iconic Joshua tree, each element pays homage to the state's rich heritage.

At the heart of this design lies the theme of "Fortitude brings Victory over Vice," beautifully illustrated through intricate details like the bobcat pouncing on a "land crocodile," the tortoise, symbolizing triumph over adversity.

Experience the power of Fortitude and the enduring value of gold with Goldbacks – where strength, resilience, and victory converge to redefine the future of currency.

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