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Utah 1/1000th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (1)

Utah 1/1000th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (1)

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Introducing the Goldback, a groundbreaking currency that marks a historic shift as the world's first voluntary currency crafted from spendable, exquisite, small denomination, physical gold.

In 2011, the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act heralded a new era, recognizing specific forms of gold as legal tender and reinstating gold's official status as a form of money.

Since then, advancements in technology have propelled the transformation of physical gold into a practical form for everyday transactions. Through cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology, each Goldback bill is meticulously layered with .9999 fine gold, ensuring precise quantities of pure gold encased within layers of polyester, guaranteeing unmatched resilience and durability.

The Utah Goldback Series stands as a testament to this innovation, serving as the first-ever Goldback Series. Illustrated by Cheri Jensen, a talented local Utah artist, despite being blind in one eye, the series intricately depicts Utah's journey through history, from its pre-settlement era to its settlement and beyond, culminating in an aspirational representation of a transcendent future.

At the heart of the Utah Goldback Series lies the virtue of Prudentiae, or Prudence, portrayed as a Native American woman adorned with symbols representing Utah's prominent tribes. Seated next to an ancient bristlecone pine tree, symbolizing wisdom through the ages, Prudence holds a mirror, signifying perspective and learning from experience.

A copper bracelet in the form of a snake adorns her wrist, symbolizing the trials of life and the wisdom to make prudent choices. By her side, a chipmunk symbolizes preparedness, while a wolf calls out as a reminder to use prudence in all endeavors.

With the motto "Deal Prudently" inscribed in the artwork, and the backdrop of Bryce Canyon National Park's Natural Bridge formation, the 1 Goldback Design sets the stage for a series that embodies the essence of prudence and foresight.

Goldbacks aren't just currency; they're a symbol of value recognized by anyone who appreciates the timeless worth of gold.

Experience the wisdom and resilience of Prudence with Goldbacks – where history, innovation, and aspiration converge to redefine the future of currency.

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