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Nevada 1/1000th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (1)

Nevada 1/1000th Troy OZ 24KT Gold (1)

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Introducing the Goldback, a groundbreaking innovation in currency that merges elegance with practicality. Crafted as the world's premier voluntary currency, each Goldback bill boasts a captivating blend of spendable, exquisite, small denomination, physical gold.

In a historic move, the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011 marked a pivotal moment, granting official recognition to select forms of gold as legal tender. This resurgence reaffirmed gold's status as a bona fide currency, igniting a new era of monetary appreciation.

Driven by advancements in technology, the process of minting physical gold into usable forms for everyday transactions has evolved significantly. Employing state-of-the-art vacuum deposition technology, each bill undergoes meticulous layering with .9999 fine gold, encased within layers of resilient polyester for enduring durability.

At the heart of the Goldback lies its artistic centerpiece, featuring a stunning portrayal of Caritas, the embodiment of Charity. Radiating grace and compassion, Caritas graces the face of Nevada's 1 Goldback Denomination, marking her inaugural appearance in this distinguished design. Inspired by an iconic depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus, at St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Austin, Nevada, Caritas embodies timeless virtues rooted in faith and benevolence.

Intricately woven into the design are layers of symbolism, each carrying profound meaning. From the Sierra Nevada Lily symbolizing purity to the Burning Hearts symbolizing fervent devotion, every detail serves as a testament to the enduring values embodied by Caritas. Drawing inspiration from Nevada's rich religious heritage, the design pays homage to St. Augustine's Catholic Church and the profound influence of Catholicism in the state.

Delve deeper, and you'll uncover a tapestry of symbols, each weaving a narrative of love, devotion, and familial bonds. From the hidden word "Love" beneath Mary's gown to the intricate motifs inspired by iconic landmarks like St. Mary of the Mountains Catholic Cathedral, every element tells a story of profound significance.

Elevate your transactions with Goldbacks, where every exchange becomes a testament to the enduring values of faith, compassion, and generosity embodied by Caritas. Join us in embracing a currency that not only holds value but also embodies the timeless virtues that enrich our lives.

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